Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Bottle Rocket" -Sold

A preview of a fourth of July blast!!

This little girl is a perennial that we bought from Costco earlier this Spring. I thought they weren't going to make it this year, but with all of the rain that we've had this month... boom! here they are!! I don't remember the name of the flower, so bottle rocket will have to do for today.

Flowers are a crazy subject if you paint too slowly... I had "Bottle Rocket" positioned facing me more, and she was twitching and twittering. At first I thought it was the air conditioner blowing on her, but she would move when the air turned off. Then I thought maybe it was my eyes and these new glasses I have... and then later, I realized that she was turning toward the lamp I had illuminating her. I guess she was searching for the sun on a rainy day too!



Jane said...

I believe this little flower may be a blanket flower. I just planted one this year. So pretty!

Bobbi Heath said...

This one is extra special! I love the way you did the negative space. And the bottle is exceptional. You nailed it.