Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beginning of the "Spirit" Series

30" x 24" mixed media on canvas
Nope, nope, nope, it's not finished yet, but I promised I would post this as it is... so far....

Almost forgot to do this, I'm sitting on the deck out back of the house reading a book about Georgia O'Keeffe... it's a pretty good book so far.  An easy read.  The title is "How Georgia Became O'Keeffe" by Karen Karbo.

Anyway, here is the painting, so far, it just doesn't feel right to me yet.....

More later!


Monday, June 25, 2012


6"x8" oil on canvas panel

Hi! This is a crazy painting that I'm working on here and there, just playing around. Kind of like an instinct painting, if there is such a type. 

Looking at this photo on my computer here, I see a little something I can add already! 

Wow, taking a photo and posting may be a good way for me to see my paintings in a different way.

If you don't mind me experimenting.... I have another painting I am working on... that just isn't there yet... I'll photograph it tomorrow and post it. Maybe something will be shout out to me!

Tomorrow's painting, the one I'm not sure of... is number one of the "Spirit" series...  : )


Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Spots" by Young Artists!

Logan, Reese and Ally! Cousins painting!

Today was a fun day of painting with young artists at the Cookies & Canvas Studio!
In the above photo you see three cousins that had a great time painting a Dalmatian puppy. Ally, the artist on the right side of this photo is the inspiration behind this painting! She asked in April if I did any Dalmatian paintings, I hadn't, but I told her that I would put one together for her!
So "Thank You, Ally!", we all had a great time painting "Spots" today! Great idea!

All happy artists! Beautiful work!

A good time had by all, and we all gave our puppy a ball to play with!

This is Kyle, he painted the Jolly Roger with me last month. Kyle knows really good jokes!

Thanks Painters!!!


Monday, June 4, 2012

A Movie Scene

6" x 8" mixed media on paper
This is a little ditty I finished last Friday, by signing and saying "done!"

I got a new camera and I haven't quite figured out how to get my reds again... oh, learning curves.
The couple at the top, one is yellow the other looks a little bit orange... the orange is supposed to be red!
Hmm... time! I beg for time!

Last Friday I also got started on three paintings for the spirit series, but this week I am playing in a annual golf tournament so I'm a little distracted from the studio. Sorry about that, I'll be back soon enough.
Just want to let you all know, I'm still around and life is good!

PS: Thanks for the nudge Angela!