Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Wednesday the Pieces Come Together"

Here are the three pieces back in their respective places. This is when I stood back and thought "Hmm..." 

I put myself on the floor and I looked at this piano for awhile and this is what I came up with.

Then I stood up and looked some more, and drew some more.
Who is more surprised, you, or me?

This allowed me to know my piano a little more. Now I'm curious as to when this piano was born.

Big day Wednesday. While cleaning and wet sanding this little gem, I had to keep telling myself, "You're painting a piano, not restoring it." I may have gotten carried away cleaning, oh well, it made me feel better.

I'll touch back later, like maybe I should tell you why I'm painting this piano.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Piano Project

Sketch on pieces in my studio.

Before photo of my piano.

Piano with large panels removed.
Have you ever painted on a piano before? This will be a first for me.
I sanded and sketched on the big three pieces faux assembled in my studio.
Wednesday I'll get a chance to look at the pieces back on the piano.

More later,

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Favorable Friday" -Sold

48"x24" Mixed media on canvas
One big olive martini on a big canvas. This painting has several paintings underneath it.
Here is one version...
Early March version...
You know that was not a bad version. Oh well, do another.  : )

One of the studies from the "After Myrtle Beach" will be showing up in the future, I hope around the August area of time.

Gotta get painting.  Enjoy your day.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Before and After Myrtle Beach

"Before Myrtle Beach"
Mixed media on paper (forgot to measure 15"x22" maybe)

"After Myrtle Beach"
Water media on paper (I think 22"x30")
Busy, busy time of year. Just finished the big studio open house last weekend, we had just over 5000 people in our building. Not just people, nice quality people. My sister Suzie shot some video, one of these days I will get it You-Tube-able.

In March, I went to a water media workshop in Myrtle Beach and got myself abstracted. You can see the above before and after paintings. Some of the patrons at the open house thought it was the martini's that caused the crazy looking after painting. It really wasn't that easy. 

Lately, I've been painting larger, and larger paintings take a little longer to finish. My friend Myra, suggested that I show some "in progress" images. She's right, so I will work toward that goal and try not to be such a stranger.

Beautiful day today, enjoy!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Coffee Kup Hundred and 3" -Sold

12"x16" Mixed media on paper mounted on canvas
Hello, remember me, JanettMarie?

Just delivered this painting today, so I feel it's safe to post now. This coffee cup is a gift and I didn't want to take any chances to let the cup out of the bag!

The background has coffee commodity charts in there. The letters KC is the coffee symbol and the H is for March, so this is really a 2003 March Coffee symbol. TMI, right? Although with all the coffee cup paintings I've done, maybe it is number 103! You know, I think it is, how fun it that!

Have a great coffee day.