Sunday, December 29, 2013

Experiment with oils...

8"x10" oil and enamel on canvas
Well, it's not the best composition but it was a successful experiment. I used oil paint from the tube, you know, the traditional stuff, then I used black oil based enamel that you buy from the hardware store. The two paints so far seem to be getting along. I have ideas for using this mix on a larger scale.

This is supposed to be a painting of bourbon in a "rocks glass" sitting on a cocktail napkin. It's another beginning.

Whew hoo!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"Oh What Fun It Is"

4 foot by 2 foot mixed media on canvas
One could say this painting took 8 months to complete which is pretty true. I started this painting last April and yesterday it finally broke loose and I finished it. It is relatively big at 4 feet by 2 feet so I'm just as surprised as you may be at the result. Wait, do I have any photos of it before?
Well, okay here it is, a photo from last April, it's the painting in the middle. Things that make me say "hmmm…" and "wow".

Merry Christmas all!