Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This only took me a year....

"Invisible Woman"  Mixed media on canvas   30" x 24"
Wow. I finished this painting last night, it was one of those that just finished itself. I remember starting this painting like a year ago. It was inspired by a book I was either reading or had just finished by Jeanne Ray titled "Calling Invisible Women". It's a humorous book about a woman rediscovering herself. It was an easy read. This morning I found the book and the receipt is still inside (I often use the receipts as bookmark), it is dated April 21, 2013. That's where the "wow" came from to start this post, and now to end it. Wow.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

How did I miss this? -Sold

"D.C. Serenity"  8"x10"  Mixed media on canvas. *Sold
How did I miss posting this painting? Today, I'm working around the studio getting ready for the big open house that we are having next Friday and I'm trying to remember the title to this painting. Well, I'll just look on my blog, right? It wasn't there! I never posted this little gem.

Well, here it is "D.C. Serenity", the D.C. stands for Diamond Crown, that is the cigar band that is on this one.

Hah! I love this time of year!!

Have a great day!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Couple of White Roses in black, white & gray

"White Rose Two"  8" x 5.5"  Charcoal, gesso, conte on paper
"White Rose Two" is my second attempt with this little rose in a bottle after chatting with Derek Jones about gesso, paper and charcoal as mediums. I will definitely continue exploring this combination and maybe I will become as proficient as he is!

"White Rose One"  8" x 5.5"   Vine charcoal, conte on paper
"White Rose One" is my first attempt. Definitely a different look and feel.

These two are little studies I'm doing before the big brush painting I'm going to do.

In the meantime.... check out this video of the Maid of Honor toast given at one of the most beautiful and fun weddings I've attended!
Maid of Honor Toast by Brooke Bodner
Oh, just click on this photo to see the video on youtube.
And now as Myra would say.... "Bye bye."


Saturday, April 5, 2014