Monday, December 24, 2012

"Norwegian Santa"- Santa 5

7"x5" oil on paper
Merry Christmas Eve !

Santa number 5, Randy and I guessed Norwegian, but I'm going to leave that to the Norwegians!

Maybe Carolyn knows, but for sure this Santa knows!

Merry Christmas Eve!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa Four-"It's Time to Make the Kringles!"

8"x6" Oil on canvas panel
It is time to make the Kringles! Mmmm... I've only eaten them, maybe this year I try to bake one myself. Oh they are so good!

This is a Santa painted based on another one of my friend Carolyn's Santa Claus guys. His leg's are really long, so I just represented the top of them here. I thought about changing them but... I didn't want to confuse the grandkids Santa hunt too much.

Wednesday night we painted "Oh Christmas Tree" at Wine and Canvas!
We had a blast!
It's a "Sea of Christmas Trees!"

Merry Before Christmas!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

"Santa Three" -Sold

6"x6" oil on linen on panel

Here he is! Santa number three! This little guy was inspired by Christmas decor at my friend Carolyn's house. Hmmm, I wonder if she will be able to figure out which Santa this is... I can tell you that the physical ornament is carved from wood. I wonder what country this carved piece was inspired.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Santa 2-"Oh, Rudolph!"

8"x6" Oil on canvas panel.

When I started painting this, all I could see was Santa out here looking for Rudolph. Time for Christmas Rudolph! I added the white dots at the end. First they were stars, then I thought, oh, maybe it's starting to snow. I guess they can be what ever we want them to be! I love that about painting!

A big "thank you" to Carolyn, she gave me the nudge that I needed today, to get this painting finished!

How long have I been working on it, or I mean at it? Well, since I purchased a couple of "pot belly" Santa ornaments a couple weeks ago from Frazee Gardens in Brownsburg, when I painted the snowman with the kids! That was Sunday, December 2nd!
Frazee Snowman!
Hopefully, I will get the next one finished in a more timely manner.  : )


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"Cadet Cracker"

8"x6" Oil on canvas panel
He found his place! Right there in the cold Russian Forrest! With the snow and the evergreens, this little cadet fits in here!

Okay, I'm looking for Santa, he is suppose to model for me!

Have a great day!



8"x6" Oil Painting started...
This little nutcracker, I started last weekend and I can't seem to finish. What to do, what to do.
Time, time.