Thursday, July 29, 2010

A City of Bright Colors -Sold

A little or big city at night painting. A little "Blue Moon, Blue Moon, Blue Moon" .... I need a title for this one. It is acrylic with oil pastel and charcoal too! Mixed... mixed... mixed...
Here is the first Blue Moon...


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Sunset Martini" -Sold

Couldn't help myself... it's an itty bitty martini.

I found some acrylic paint in a box that a friend had given me, so this is the painting. The only colors were a yellow, orange, green and purple. I found some white gesso to use as white for highlights and tinting.

Crazy itty bitty painting..............


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"A Double Please"

O-kay! This is number ten of the itty bitty martini series.
Wow, I finished a series, that may be a first for me.

Wonders never cease.

I've done series before, but never really set a definite number, oh, I take that back, the apples... what am I up to... oh yes, 21 with "Wild Apple"  out of how many?! One hundred! Am I crazy?

Have a great day!



Wow, this looks small, but it's really 6 feet by 4 feet! It's not an oil painting, but acrylic. Acrylic!

A huge "Cheers!" to everyone! This photo isn't perfect, but I hope you get the idea.

Here is an image from April before the painting was finished, to give you a better feel for the size. Yes, the painting is taller than me!
More drinks to come!


Monday, July 12, 2010

"Number Nine" -Sold

Here is itty bitty "Number Nine" of the martini series.

Sorry for the delay in posting lately, I've just not been "drinking" lately.... no I'm just kidding!! Wait! That's not what I mean... I mean...  okay another bad joke.

This itty bitty was painted last Friday, but I just got 'round to posting it today. I've had a silly summer flu/cold since last Wednesday and I've been laying low.

One more for this series and then I'm going to paint coffee and coffee cups. After all of that drinking one needs coffee! Wait! What is it I'm trying to say!

It's all in good fun.

I have finished my large 6 foot by 4 foot martini and I will post that once I get a photo.... soon, I'm curious as to whether a huge martini is a good idea...

Have a great Monday!