Saturday, May 31, 2014

"Tyger 1" aka "Cool Cat" with a "splash" of color

20"x10" Hand painted fine art print. 
20"x10" Charcoal and clear gesso on canvas.
Thanks to all for the ideas and comments. As Hilda suggested, a "splash" of color! I was too chicken to commit it to the original painting, so I made a fine art print (one with pigment inks as opposed to dye inks that will fade) and added acrylic paint to that. Made me think I could do many versions of this Tyger now! Of course, I'll probably move on.....

Tyger nose or martini?
I posted this guy on Facebook and one of my artist buddies Nancy Beck made this comment about the nose/mouth looking like a martini. 

Oh the ideas are just everywhere!!

What next?

Have a great weekend!!


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Another one started....

Oh wait! This isn't one started, I started three more! I'm debating if I should leave these as black and whites or add color.... Oh what to do?

Time will tell......

Have a nice Thursday!


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A month of rest or not!

20" by 10" canvas with charcoal & clear gesso so far... 
Kitty Cats! Maybe this one looks more like a fox or something....

Last month was the annual Raymond James Stutz Artists Open House and I didn't really have a theme this year and people noticed. I felt bad, it was like they expected to see a series of paintings and I didn't have it. I think they may have been disappointed and I feel I let them down. Oh, I said this year was eclectic, but that was really a cop-out I think.

Well.... Myra, our lovely "Last Cup of Coffee" artist and I have decided to go with a theme and produce a series of paintings! I'm thinking Kitty-Cats, like 25 or 50 of them, then Puppy-Dogs, like 25 or 50 of them and then Roses, like 25 of them and cigar/drink paintings, 25 of them. That would be a nice 100 to 150 wouldn't it. Wow, better be careful, I could get carried away!

Oh Myra, what have we gotten ourselves into this time!!

Have a lovely day all. Oh, I will post the finished version of this Kitty-Cat One soon!

: )      -jM