Monday, May 21, 2012

"Spring Has Sprung!"

14"x11" acrylic on canvas
Here is my painting from Cookies & Canvas last Saturday. I had a great group of artists and all of the paintings turned out absolutely perfect!

This is Anita and Carol, they love to do "artsy" activities together. Saturday was another perfect time together for them.

And here are a few more young painters from Saturday. See the rainbows? The artists used their artistic licenses wisely.

PS: These little painters keep my "spirits" high...   : )

Monday, May 14, 2012

Number 100! Café Blanco'

42" x 42" acrylic on canvas... white on white

Number 100, I know, I can't believe it. It's white on white, "Café Blanco'", very white. Number 98 and 100 make a nice pair. In the video that I posted of the open house, you get a glimpse of both these paintings. This one looks like a blank canvas or blank space in the video, but is is not. It is... the white coffee cup.

Need a little color? I did too after that, so I give to you a celebration painting....... a toast! To 100 Coffee Cups Paintings and the fun we had with this series!
18"x14" mixed media on canvas
This is titled "Thirsty" and I actually finished and sold it on April 27th. This painting and a few others that were hanging around it, gave me the inspiration for my next series of 100 paintings. 

"Spirits"... I've painted drink paintings that are mixed with spirits, figurative paintings that are spiritual and sometimes I paint where my spirit takes me! 

I was talking to Prairie Jill about this next series and she summed it up very well with the following words:  "Ooh, Spirits - I like that. Let's see, free spirits (like those wonderful abstract women you paint), blithe spirits, alcoholic spirits, ghostly spirits. Oh, yeah!! "

For now, I thought I would take 100 days of vacation with no expectation! This doesn't mean I won't paint.... I just may not paint anything I'm expecting (or is that expected?) to paint that is a part of any series!

Where is that cake Myra sent me? Mmmmm.... M&M's...... Thanks Myra!
Oh, I love chocolate! So good with coffee.....

Coffee Cup Paintings Finale!

42" x 42" acrylic on canvas

Okay, sorry for the delay, we need to get this party going! This painting of the splashy red coffee cup on this black background is a huge 42 inches by 42 inches! I think... I forgot to measure it today : )  This is painting number 98 of the 100 coffee cup paintings and is titled "Rouge Jackson (aka 'Party Boy')"! This big guy was hanging out on the floor in my studio and everyone that walked by said "Wow, I love this!", so I signed it and called it finished! Photographing it was my big delay for posting, oops.

Ready for number 100? This one too came as a result of viewers passing by.......

Give me a minute, I'll show it to you!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Ghost of Coffee Past"

12"x12" mixed media on canvas 

Big brush, little bottle of paint, how's that for a bigger coffee cup painting! This is painting number 98 and since it's the "Ghost of Coffee Past" it only seems appropriate that I show you a quick movie of the open house from this past month! I did edit out a bit of the party, but I think you can still get the idea of the festivities from the two days!

I invite everyone to attend next year!


Monday, May 7, 2012

"Cup of Gyro"

12" x 12" acrylic on canvas

Hi, I'm back! This is coffee cup painting number 97, finished on April 26th. I finished quite a few on April 26th. You can see I got really, really loose with the paintings too. I was like a little Jackson Pollack.

I have video from the open house weekend, but I haven't figured out how to get it from my camcorder to my computer yet! Patience, I'll get there...

I have a picture of one of my Wine and Canvas painters that painted with me last Saturday. We painted "Poppies A.S. Poppies". The A.S. stands for Angela Sullivan because it is one of her poppies paintings that was the inspiration for this painting.

Above is Alee, she use her artistic license to make her painting extra special for her Father. She is sending this to him in Taiwan! Beautiful! I love the happy faces.

Here is a photo of part of the class with their poppy paintings:  

Thanks Angela!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's May in Indianapolis!

Ayri and Mallory with their Indy Car paintings!
Above is a photo of two of my Cookies & Canvas painters from this morning. We painted an Indy race car that signifies the beginning of Race Month here in Indiana!

Ayri on the left is named after the famous F1 race care driver Ayrton Senna! How cool is it that she painted in my class today!! Too Cool! Thanks Ayri : )

May is a busy month for Indianapolis with the Indy 500 Race at the end of the month. This morning kicked off with the Mini Marathon, a 13.1 mile run that is a tradition in Indianapolis since.... forever.... just kidding. I know when I ran it in 1995, it sold out in January! This morning was so hot they put out a yellow flag for the remaining participants to slow down for health safety due to the high humidity and heat, wow.

Oops, I forgot to post this Saturday and now it's Sunday, well, I hope you all understand... it was the heat!

More tomorrow!