Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Number Ten" -Sold

Here it is, "Number Ten"...  apple that is...  This apple was not my first attempt today,  I actually "wiped" my first  painting. What did Carol Marine do the other day, 4 hours on a larger painting only to wipe it off. I didn't spend four hours, maybe two, but it seemed like four. The first apple was a Granny Green and I had cut it in half and made wedges out of the other half. The problem was it was an old apple and it was old inside... yuck... a little brown. I guess having a bad model is as good as a bad painting... no good painting was coming out of it. New apple, new painting and I tried not to get uptight about it and this is the result!

Harry Sandler made a comment yesterday, about how hard it is to do one piece a day. Harry, this is my 100th post, but my 80th small painting.....  my first post was November 10, 2008 and it was not a 6"x6" painting, but one of my Blue Moon Series and it is 18"x14". That seemed small at the time! Yes, it is not easy to do a painting everyday and post everyday. Like a fellow artist said to me, "Keep at it!"


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Kathleen O'Neil Stevens said...

I am so happy that you are "keeping at it" because I very much look forward to it every day! Love your work!