Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Poteet Was Here" -Sold

Yesterday morning, I met a little challenge. Paul Poteet a local "weather man" wanted to interview a Stutz artist. It was a great opportunity to give the Open House a little press, so I was chosen from the many. Lucky, lucky me....  I said okay.
Any way, I showed Paul how to do a "little painting". He really likes to get involved with what he is covering in his interviews..... an artistic adventure!! Of course, I thought we should do a drink of some sort. I mean it was only 11 AM, a good time to drink, eh? I asked if he like cherries or olives, he said "cherries", so a Manhattan it was!

Above is the painting that I did tonight, and below is the painting that Paul did yesterday morning.
After he finished his painting, he ate the cherry, so I set the scene again today, using his discarded cherry stem. See it suggested on the right side? Any way, it was fun and it was my first time showing someone to paint a little painting. Really couldn't tell him everything in one quick interview of course, but it was fun.

I really think he did a nice job, this can't be his first time!

Nice abstract Paul!!



Kathleen O'Neil Stevens said...

Our famous little JM! What a great experience! love the paintings and the cool story...keep up the great work you are doing great!

myra anderson said...

very, very cool indeed! I love it!

JanettMarie said...

"Wow! Actually Paul did a great job! I was quite impressed. A man after my own heart, too. Good luck this weekend! I hope the rest of Indy that doesn't already, falls in love with your work. You know I have." -S

This is the comment my Aunt Sally sent to me this morning. Thanks Sally!!

Bobbi Heath said...

Love that yellow and acid green. What fun to be interviewed, I'll bet you were great.