Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Spots" by Young Artists!

Logan, Reese and Ally! Cousins painting!

Today was a fun day of painting with young artists at the Cookies & Canvas Studio!
In the above photo you see three cousins that had a great time painting a Dalmatian puppy. Ally, the artist on the right side of this photo is the inspiration behind this painting! She asked in April if I did any Dalmatian paintings, I hadn't, but I told her that I would put one together for her!
So "Thank You, Ally!", we all had a great time painting "Spots" today! Great idea!

All happy artists! Beautiful work!

A good time had by all, and we all gave our puppy a ball to play with!

This is Kyle, he painted the Jolly Roger with me last month. Kyle knows really good jokes!

Thanks Painters!!!



myra anderson said...

they all look so wonderful!!

martinealison said...

J'A D O R E...
Ma chienne dalmatienne Olwen serait heureuse de pouvoir voir tous ces "pitchounes"!...
Cela me rappelle la naissance des chiots dalmatiens à la maison (plus de 4 portées en tout, entre Olwen et Laura sa maman!).
Tous ces enfants peuvent être fiers de montrer leurs oeuvres et tu peux l'être tout autant avec ce magnifique reportage photographique. Tu es l'instigatrice et dirigeante d'un travail fabuleux. Bravo l'artiste !
Gros bisous à toi.

J'en veux un toutou moi aussi !

JanettMarie said...

Oh yes, these young artists bring me joy I hope I bring to them!

Oh Martine, what would Leo think of a puppy?

Angela Sullivan said...

Oh my how dog gone cute.

Bonnie Heather said...

Wow, these are wonderful. You must be a very talented teacher for your students to create such awesome art.

Angela Sullivan said...

Just stopping by to see what you are up to. I kinda miss the cups.