Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Little Jar" -Sold

"Little Jar"   12" x 9"  Acrylic on canvas panel
This is painted mostly with a big brush. Okay, so big is relative right? This was painted with a 2 inch brush and at the end I finished with a 3/4 inch brush (I think it was 3/4").

It's a little off but I think I'll try this again.... just because.....   I think I need the practice.

Have a wonderful day!

PS: I had fun with this one     : )


Angela Sullivan said...

I looked at this and immediately knew it was awesome. I love not only the colors but also the way you applied the paint.

myra anderson said...

this is so great!

hmuxo said...

EXCELLENT!!! Love the colors and I like the dark under the flower...making it pop!!!

Lisa Graham said...

Very energetic piece! I was watching a video of some artist somewhere online about trying to paint with bigger brushes too. It got me thinking about brush marks and stuff like that a little more. So did your painting.

JanettMarie said...

Thanks my friends!
Lisa give those big brushes a try!
Oh yes, it's fun!