Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A month of rest or not!

20" by 10" canvas with charcoal & clear gesso so far... 
Kitty Cats! Maybe this one looks more like a fox or something....

Last month was the annual Raymond James Stutz Artists Open House and I didn't really have a theme this year and people noticed. I felt bad, it was like they expected to see a series of paintings and I didn't have it. I think they may have been disappointed and I feel I let them down. Oh, I said this year was eclectic, but that was really a cop-out I think.

Well.... Myra, our lovely "Last Cup of Coffee" artist and I have decided to go with a theme and produce a series of paintings! I'm thinking Kitty-Cats, like 25 or 50 of them, then Puppy-Dogs, like 25 or 50 of them and then Roses, like 25 of them and cigar/drink paintings, 25 of them. That would be a nice 100 to 150 wouldn't it. Wow, better be careful, I could get carried away!

Oh Myra, what have we gotten ourselves into this time!!

Have a lovely day all. Oh, I will post the finished version of this Kitty-Cat One soon!

: )      -jM


Lisa Graham said...

I think my heart just lept for joy. My spell-checker tells me lept is not a word. It is now.

Bring on the kitty cats.


hmuxo said...

Looking forward to your cats and dogs!!!

myra anderson said...

can't wait to see that cool cat when you are finished!

Jacklyn Karabaich said...

I think your themes sound terrific!
Focusing on a subject is something I have yet to do, so I will be watching!