Monday, April 13, 2009

Stutz Artists Open House

This is the front of the postcard I'm having printed for the 2009 Stutz Artist Open House. This took a little time, the other side has my name, artist statement and contact info, whew.

This is one of the major events of the year in Indianapolis. Last year we had over 6000 people attend. This is our 16th year and my third. It's a two day event and it is exhausting for the exhibitors! Here is a link for more info

I have also finally gotten my artist info on our Stutz Artists Association's website, which is big for me. I have such trouble writing my artists statement, that always slows me down, but I did it! Check out my page on the site at .......... : )

Today, Brad and I spent the day painting the walls of my studio, so my little painting isn't quite finished. Started, but not finished. Tomorrow, I have all day to paint and that is what I'm going to do!


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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

You have been rockin' it out here since my last visit which was too long ago! WOW