Friday, July 31, 2009

Gray value thoughts

One of my new artist friends has been working in the grayscale mode this past week. One of the photos she worked from she put in photoshop and changed the color to grayscale to compare how close she was coming to "getting it right" in her grayscale study. This made me curious about the paintings that I've done in the past. Here are two that I've done and I've put them in the grayscale mode from photoshop. Interesting is all I can say right now. Thanks Bobbi!
Here is a link to Bobbi's blog and her gray scale studies: Bobbi Heath's Almost Daily Paintings



Bobbi Heath said...

JanettMarie, thanks for the reference! And I am glad that my excursion into value sketch land gave you some ideas. I was a bit worried it would be boring. I think you values in these paintings look great. You cover a good value range, and your points of contrast between dark and light draw the eye.

Jane said...

I like these! Very nice :o)

Theresa Cyr said...

Isn't it interesting how neat colored pictures look when in gray scale? I also like to experiment with sepia too.