Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Two" -Sold

3"x2" oil & glitter on canvas

Remember "Radiantini"? Yes, I almost miss that one too. I went back into it and add a few more elements... like glitter and changed the cherry into two olives, also added a stir stick. New painting! Like Flo says "Discount!", I say "New Painting!"

I call this one "Two", I can't decide if it is for the two olives or if I want to make this a part of my Spirit Series. I'm inclined this early in the game to just let it stand for the two olives!

Slowly, but surely, getting back into the swing. It has been 85 days since the Open House, closing in on my 100 days of "no expectations" : )

Have a lovely day!



Angela said...

Ooooh! I like those olives

Lisa Graham Art said...

Makes me want to attend a party...and eat olives. Good work Janett

martinealison said...

Mes félicitations si cette dernière est vendue !...
Tu as troqué le sucré contre du salé... Je t'attribue *** pour ce nouveau cocktail.

De gros bisous et si je ne trouve pas un petit moment avant mon départ pour te faire un coucou, sache que je serai de retour à la mi-septembre.

hmuxo said...

I love this, Janet...so colorful!!!

JanettMarie said...

Thank you my friends!

Good times and olives for everyone!

Martine, to drive me cuckoo is okay! I may already be crazy : )