Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"August Moon"

24"x30" mixed media on canvas
"August Moon" this is the title of my next painting. In the little caption area, I typed in the size of the canvas and instinctively declared it to be a mixed media piece. Well, there you go, I really need to get to Michael's and get some of that scrap booking paper that Little Lisa told Little Myra about.

I am also very very close to finish with the martinis painting... I need a good title and a good photo before it leaves my studio Friday. Below is a small detail of the painting... I will post the full finish either tomorrow (Thursday) or Friday, when I get the finishing touches and a good photo of the painting!
Detail of 43"x53" mixed media painting on canvas

-JanettMarie  : )


Lisa Graham said...

Well little Janett...I love your little mixed media here! I hope our little Myra sees it too. Honestly...your curvy distorted buildings are fantastic!

The martini painting is wonderful paint the most perfect olives!

myra anderson said...

I see it and I love it! Your colors on the glass and the olives and the textures are beautiful! I love the start of your new piece. Thank you for helping me. I hope you got my message that I now know where to go with the series. That artist you told me about is awesome. again - great work - can't wait to see more!

Connie Chadwell said...

The martini painting is charming and I love the colors - the greens and the touches of pink - really great! And your newest painting is going to be so exciting - I love the design!