Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I've got a new website!  And since that website has a blog
built into it, I'm going to be moving my blogging life over there.
My "JanettMarie's Little Paintings" blog will continue to live here, but if you want 
to keep up with my latest posts you'll need to follow me on over.
The new site is here:
Followers - you'll need to re-subscribe to this new blog.  There's a
subscribe option on the top of the blog sidebar.  And you can get my posts
emailed to you just like you could on this blog.
Please update your subscription.

-JanettMarie  : )


Lisa Graham Art said...

I tried to comment on your new website but Wordpress would not let me since I had already commented on the photo via blogger. Looks like Wordpress' spam detector works. Haha!

But what I wanted to say was your new website looks great! And I wanted to ask you what made you switch? I know other bloggers who have left too and I am curious.

Kim Rempel said...

Hi JanettMarie! Your site looks great. I left a comment but it said I' was repeating myself? If you don't receive it you may want to check into that - I didn't think I pressed the button twice! Anyway, it looks fabulous!

hmuxo said...

Looks great, Janett!!! I'm commenting on this one for now since "change" scares me!!! LOL

JanettMarie said...

You guys are great!

This change is driving me crazy... a little bit...
What does John Ross say? "Keep at it..."

Bare with me, we can make this move, I know we can I know we can!