Monday, March 25, 2013

"Four is More" -Sold

about 12"x11" mixed media on paper
This painting I was trying to be a little calm. Calm colors and hopefully a calm feeling, and it is loaded with olives. If that is what those big dots are.  : )

Just before the big snow hit our city yesterday afternoon, I got to paint kitty's with some young enthusiastic artists. We finished just in time to beat the snow and oh we had a wonderful time. See for yourself!
We are hoping for Spring.
Here is Rogue, she followed right along with me, right down to the fish tag on here orange kitty's collar.
Enjoy your day,


Last Cup Of Coffee said...

love your calm painting and love those kitty cats!

Lisa Graham said...

I totally took those as olives. Calm olives.

What a joy to work with children and paint kitties. Now I need to find a job like that!

Hope your snow is melting.

martinealison said...

Un cocktail aux olives qui me convient... Une très jolie peinture.
Bravo pour ce cours avec les enfants qui me semblent très enthousiasmés. Ils sont tous très fiers de montrer leurs oeuvres.
Gros bisous à toi et un peu de douceur pour faire fondre la neige !

Angela Sullivan said...

Oh my Janet....How much fun.