Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"Wild Rose" -SOLD

  • "Wild Rose"  15"x11"   oil on paper -SOLD
Now, should this be rose painting number 1 or do I continue where I left off in January and let this be rose painting number 16? Myra?

I have another that I did same time as this one. I actually did three paintings in one sitting. I kind of like painting that way, I don't know why.

Okay then, here are the other two!
"Wild Orange Rose"  15"x11" oil on paper
"Orange Kitty"  15"x11" oil on paper
I know weird, two roses and a kitty painting. Who's to question the artists mind? Huh? 

This is kitty painting number... five or six, I need to go back and check.  : )

Have a great day!



myra anderson said...

beautiful paintings!! in my mind i'm thinking why go back to #1 - but what do I know. just keep em coming - they're gorgeous!! Love the inventiveness of the cat paintings too - you always delight!!!

JanettMarie said...

Thanks Myra : )

Lisa Graham Art said...

Gee these are good. The curliness of the tail in the cat sort of go with the style of the roses...there's a similar energy here. You go girl.

I would not start over.

JanettMarie said...

Thanks Lisa, yes I shall keep moving forward!!

Prairie Jill said...

Beautiful! My favourite is the first rose. I love the colour and the energy, but it feels restful, too (if that makes sense?!).

hmuxo said...

These two roses are beautiful.. especially the the color..AND we never question an artist! LOL

JanettMarie said...

You guys are the best!! Thanks

Kim Rempel said...

JanettMarie, these roses are fabulous! I find them so tough to paint and these look so fresh. Beautiful! I notice you haven't posted for a while - hope everything is okay!