Saturday, August 15, 2015

Looking for Inspiration?

"What Up!"  14" by 11" acrylic on canvas
This is a painting I did for Cookies & Canvas. It is just fun!

Did you know that August is Artist Appreciation Month?  Who knew? Did you? I didn't know either until Marietta Gregg told me. Marietta is the marketing director for her mother Patience Brewster.

To help celebrate I've been invited to write about an artist or artists that have inspired my work. Well, the more I think about it, I have been inspired by many artists. Top of my list is Robert Henri. I remember the first painting I saw of his. I was intrigued by the way he applied the paint to get such a beautiful portrait with limited and broad brush strokes. Wow.
Robert Henri 1865-1929
Today I stumble upon a little video about a blind artist. Now here is more inspiration, check this out!
Click Here to watch short video
Which artist or artists inspire you?

Enjoy your day!


leigh said...

Love "what up?" And the video? Oh my! WHAT inspiration! Stunning paintings!

hmuxo said...

Love your painting Janet!! So adorable! As far as the video!! Talk about inspiration.....he's absolutely amazing !! Thank you for sharing!

Lisa Graham Art said...

Wow that video was really so special. What a man of strength to keep going as he did and now he's collected by some pretty HUGE names. Thanks for sharing that!

Love Henri's portraits. And Canvas and Cookies is a perfect name! Cute and fun! Bet the kids LOVE it!


Alecia Schmitz said...

Amazing video Janett. Thanks for sharing!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

I got a big smile seeing your happy painting - Whats Up!
really well done.
I remember the first Henri I ever saw. It was a New York city snow scene.
I was moved and encouraged by Sargy Mann. Thanks for introducing him to us all.
Thanks, a neat post.