Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Apple Cup in a Book"

Mixed media on old book page
Does this count? It's a cup painting, but it's in this old book. I used Joanie's great idea of painting on/in an old book. This is old, like 1904 or something. The coffee cup is my friend Leigh's and it has an apple on it, so I just had to do a painting of it!

Early today, I picked this old book, that I had gotten free from an old library that was being torn down a few years ago. It doesn't look like it's worth much as it is, maybe I can help it along! I'll tell you more about the book as I learn more about it... like I think it's a book of sermons or something.....

As I promised days ago, I want to include a photo and a link to the photos from the 66 poppy painters at the Wine and Canvas event last Wednesday... it was so much fun!!
Link to the rest of the Wine and Canvas Photos



joanieART said...

Aren't these altered books great fun? good start......have fun.

JanettMarie said...

Thanks Joanie, away I go!

Angela Sullivan said...

Love the idea about painting in an old book. Thanks. Yours is inspiring.