Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Number Four"

8"x6" oil on canvas panel
Cup.... coffee cup number four. I haven't come up with a nice title for this one yet, so for now, it's just "Number Four".

Thanks Rene' for helping me stop and start another here. This is just the beginning, I need to keep the drive alive and not get bogged down on a little painting! Keep going JanettMarie! (Sorry a personal pep talk!)

I'm trying to see what kind of fun I can have with oil paint, so again, no model, well maybe I did remember what my morning coffee cup looked like but, no set up really. Just crazy loose!

How about a little exciting news.... something different... I don't have the photos yet, but tonight I did a Wine&Canvas event we had 66 participants! That's 66 painters! You should see the paintings, I am impressed with the artists. For a lot of them, it was their first time! Oh, I will show them to you soon... and a new coffee cup.... okay?