Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Not Sure"... yes! for sure "In the SpotLight"

A new title "In the SpotLight" I saw it this morning!
I made no changes, just added my jM- to the left side.
Just needed to sleep, guess my eyes were tired!!
Thanks Last Cup Of Coffee ,  I needed coffee!  -jM

This Red Delicious is not signed.... I'm not sure if it's finished.... I think the background and foreground need a little work.... I need to look at it again tomorrow... I may do more painting on it... when I sign this, I'll place the new image with this one here... so you can see...

Maybe the fact that this is #13.... no, that is not it, just a little more time...

This is how I feel about this one, would that be from my heart... I think so, my heart says, I need to work on this one a bit more tomorrow, with fresh eyes. Thanks.


1 comment:

myra anderson said...

when I first saw it I thought -what a beauty!!