Monday, December 28, 2009

"Rag Tag" -Sold

Yes, "Rag Tag"... I've never heard that phrase (if it is a phrase) before now.

I was searching for a title, when I asked a friend of mine, Arnolt, what he thought a good title would be for this pear and apple number 12, "Rag Tag" was his response, but I believe he was talking about the basketball game on the television, I don't think he was really paying attention to me. Rag Tag sounded good to me and.... it was from Arnolt's heart!! It works!
Rag Tag is like the Duck-Duck-Goose game, according to the nifty little dictionary on my computer. I can see it.

Today, while working on this painting, I'm still contemplating "from the heart". Seems to me, when something is done from the heart, it's more fun! Maybe, if you're happy, or at least in a good mood, from the heart is more fun.----Hmm..... I haven't done any paintings while in a bad mood lately either.... maybe it's the colors I'm using... Indianapolis hasn't exactly had a lot of sunshine lately .... again... Hmmm...


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Kathleen said...

Beautiful Painting! I really love it! And I believe you are beginning to realize that you have already been painting from the heart all this is beginning to sound like a scene from the wizard of oz?....any way, please mark this one sold for my apple coffee apple collection!

Great work!