Monday, September 6, 2010

"Apple #28" -Sold #28

Here it is, another apple! Wait, is that what I said last time?

This apple is two of the three, that I painting on Thursday, last week. The fun, fun, fun painting.
We've been out of town for the Labor Day weekend and I haven't had time to post, so better late than no painting at all. For sure # 29 will be posted tomorrow... Oh, let me post it now!!
"Apple #29"

These, like Number 27 are 10"x10" on paper. I am liking this painting on paper more and more!

Hopefully, I have some time to paint this week, my calender is looking pretty busy with, oh you know, things that need to get done....  like paper work.


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fine art in artful jewelry said...

i think you're on a sweet apple roll....or is it an apple sweet roll?? i like mine with cinnamon and sugar please!!!