Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Go Red" -Sold

Did this painting Sept 11th. Well, finished it Sept 11th.

Today, I found the perfect title for this piece, "Go Red".   I received an email from The American Heart Association, Go Red for women, the message inspired this title.

Wear red proudly for our hearts ladies!! "Celebrate Wear Red Day any day!!"

I love red...

Take care of your heart, every day.....   : )
from my heart, to yours


leigh dunnington-jones said...

i love go red! i'm going to dig out something red today! i really love this series, and the direction you're exploring.

Bobbi Heath said...

Janett, this is a super painting! Keep going with this abstract theme, I love it!

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

i love the drama of this painting! the color palette is fabulous! i am taking your advice and using a camera instead of scanner. thanks for the wake-up call!