Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Itty Bitty Poppy Field" -Sold

It's an "itty bitty" meaning, 2 inches by 3 inches! Thought I start putting a few of these together for the upcoming Stutz Artists Annual Open House.

This itty bitty is acrylic through and through, just a cute little painting. I'm deciding how I can make the little easels for these paintings.... hmmm, maybe my sister Suzie can help me figure it out!  : )

Spring is coming!!



leigh dunnington-jones said...

ooooooh! i love this!!, i want to own it!!! i think you should make a million of them!

martinealison said...

Les coquelicots sont des fleurs si fluettes sur leur tige et j'aime les voir... Bisous

the art of the dance is like chocolate said...

great poppies! i see summer peeking around the corner. boy! just blink and i missed the last apple! they are fantastic! the colors are beautiful! i can't wait to see them at the show. like i said before i think you should publish one of those 'blurb books' with all the apples - it would be fantastic to flip through and see all of the colors and textures! (mention me on the dedication page!)

JanettMarie said...

I had better start now on the flip book, good idea!
Yes, I need to work on my dedication pages too!
It will be all my favorite artist buddies! ; )