Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How long does it take?

3"x2" acrylic on canvas
Oh these two olive paintings are starting to all look the same to me.... not like the apples... hmm, that should tell me something.... but what? What?!

Okay, how long does it take to show/finish the last painting of the 100 apple paintings series... well here is a video of phase two... and, I promise to post the last, well, number 100 anyway, of the apple paintings tomorrow, Thursday afternoon! Number 100, you know the "Big Apple"!

Ah... the video....



myra anderson said...

the olive paintings look different to me!! it's wonderful! wonderful video too - can't wait for the next 'episode'! it's party time!!!!!!!!!

joanieART said...

Loved watching the video of you making that BIG apple! Great job.