Saturday, April 16, 2011

Number 94! "Feeling the Magic"

12"x12" mixed media on canvas
Can you feel it? Wow, I can, leigh feels it, Tamra feels it, Bonnie, Catherine, Myra, Jane, and on and on and on.... closer baby, closer.

This painting is 12"x12", just had to break loose with a little bigger than the 3"x3" today. This one is considered mixed media because I did use an oil paint pen and a bit of that isopropyl alcohol, hmmm, maybe it's not... hmmm, it's the fixative again!



Bonnie Heather said...

I can feel it!

fine art in artful jewelry said...

i can feel it too! the magical moment approaches raster and faster! ....and here's another beautiful apple to mark the moment.

JanettMarie said...

You guys make me smile! Thanks!