Monday, May 23, 2011

"Crazy Monster"

Cookies and Canvas, one of my favorite activities to do.  I love helping young artists learn what they can do with a paint brush on canvas. We did this "Crazy Monster" on Saturday, May 14th at the Wine and Canvas studio in Indianapolis.
Dom and his Mother Sarah.
 Above is Dom and his mother Sarah, with Dom's painting of the "Crazy Monster". Dom wasn't sure he liked his painting, but everyone I've shown it to loves it! I hope he likes it by now and will paint again and again. Little artists just like big artists, we are our own worst critic.  Did I mention that Dom is 5 years old?

"Crazy Monster" by the young artists at Cookies & Canvas.
Here is the whole group from the day. All the monsters are pretty scary! Or does this monster just think he's scary!

I'm not sure who has more fun.... the kids or me!



fine art in artful jewelry said...

you are having entirely too much fun for an injured person!

Kim said...

Seriously awesome! A great bunch of work!