Monday, May 9, 2011

Final Phase... Big Apple

Finished! Kaput!
What next? Well, I have been thinking about that a lot lately. After the Open House I've been so busy and tired I have not painting anything... so sad.

Yesterday, while visiting my sister Suzie, I mention what to do next and she looked at me and said, finish the pears right? I'm thinking... hmmm, she's right. Remember when the number of pear paintings were catching up to the number of apple paintings? Well, it makes sense to finish the pear series that's not really a series! The next question though is, how many? Would 25 or fifty be enough? I'd really like to try a series of drink paintings or coffee cups or tea cups or more blue moons..... or... so many paintings... so little time!



the art of the dance is like chocolate said...

this is a very cool video! i lost my video making ability when my computer messed up! you make me want to get new video making abilities!!!! i love the fact that a new adventure is ahead of you! can't wait to see what it will actually be! ALSO you make me want to do a large painting so that i can use a cool big brush like you did in the two fisted part! wonderful - makes me want to get busy!!!!!!

JanettMarie said...

Glad I got you fired up again!

You go girl!

Karen Masbaum said...

That was so fun to watch! What a great idea, and I love the apple! Hope you are getting a chance to paint now...