Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Basic Cup"

6"x6" oil on canvas panel
Are you ready for this? Am I ready for this? Here it is... Number One of the new series of.... Coffee Cups!
Heck I did a one hundred painting series before, why not do it again! I struggled with the idea of doing 100 of anything again, but life is short, life is fun, why not... carry on!

This is a basic cup no handle... I have trouble with handles, I'm sure it's a mental problem, but this will help me get over it if I continue with this Coffee Cup Series!

This basic cup is black, white and grey has no handle and came right out of my head! No model. I didn't want to block myself anymore than I already have with just getting this project started. I guess the next decision to make will be when I will have this series finished.

Yes, I learned from doing the Apple Series that if I don't give myself a deadline, the project may never get finished. Hmmm.... how long should this take? Let's be realistic. Okay, I'm going to sleep on it and I will get back to you tomorrow!

See a good deadline already, have a deadline by tomorrow! Oooo, did I just put that in writing? Oooo, yes I did!

-jM, stepping out, once again!


Von said...

Jenett.... Bravo on the next topic.. Love it! I so enjoyed seeing the Apples at the Stutz Open House. Love your work and the great energy you place in your work. Looking forward to seeing you more and your work.. I'm submitting for Residence :)

the art of the dance is like chocolate said...

jenettmorie (joke) WELL ALRIGHT!!!!! This will be an exciting new series - you go girl - can't wait to see how this unfolds!! I am 100 percent sure that you will be able to put those handles on very soon. I have 100 percent confidence that by your third cup we will see excellent handles!

BMoon said...

Hi JanettMarie

Yes, I know exactly what you mean about handles. When I draw my morning coffee cup i keep turning it and turning it and do all different sketches. Those doggone handles don't LOOK all that complicated, but sheesh. You'll be an expert in no time. I look forward to your new go, girl! : )
Blessings, Joanie

JanettMarie said...

Von, good luck with the residency.

Myra and Joanie, thanks for your confidence in me!
Those handles better look out!