Thursday, June 23, 2011

Number Two started and Goal Date

6"x8" oil on canvas panel
 This is the beginning of coffee cup number two.... okay no model again, because... I wanted to make up my own handle! When I started this cup, I was thinking about the coffee cup that caught my eye today. I'll have to go back and get one of those cups to use as a real live model. I wonder what that cup will charge me in modeling fees... I better start saving my pennies or selling more paintings so I can afford to pay these models!

Edging myself into using a little cold wax medium too. Guess I'll have to go back and look at Joanie's pieces where she is the one that brought my attention to cold wax medium. Tomorrow, I'll see if I can put a few links onto some of these mentions....

The deadline.... for number 100 Coffee Cup Painting to be finished.... March 30th, I've put it on my calendar. This is 3 weeks before the 2012 Stutz Artists Open House, seems realistic to me and... gives me about one painting say every 2-3 days... I think, I haven't done the exact math....

Goals, ya gotta love 'em!



myra anderson said...

excellent! wonderful handle! I knew you could do it!! what is cold wax medium? have you thought about getting a few cheap 'models' from a second hand store? well? have you?

joanieART said...

Hi JM, so excited you are starting a new series. Watch for my post tomorrow (6/28) and you'll see a tribute I make to you! Blessings, and can't wait to see 100 cups. You inspire me. : )