Thursday, November 10, 2011

"The Yellow Cup"

6"x6" oil on canvas panel
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Thee Yellow Cup.... I had to google the title to make sure I had not used this title before. "That Yellow Cup" came up, so I'm okay! So did just "Yellow Cup", thank goodness! Here we are then "The Yellow Cup"!

I must say thank you to Bonnie Fillenwarth my art buddy across the court yard for helping find the problem I was having with this one. You know, sometimes an extra pair of eyes come in handy! I think the painting is better now! I know, it had to do with the handle.... but it wasn't the handle, it was the side of the cup!!

Shoot.... Hopefully I'll have a cup tomorrow! It's Friday tomorrow, I'll need to have fun!

Gotta love a full moon! Did you notice?



fine art in artful jewelry said...

another one as perfect as the other one! go girl!

Angela said...

Such a wonderful yellow cup and of course the blue. Love it.

Bonnie Heather said...

I love this cup! Nicely done.