Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Coffee Kup Hundred and 3" -Sold

12"x16" Mixed media on paper mounted on canvas
Hello, remember me, JanettMarie?

Just delivered this painting today, so I feel it's safe to post now. This coffee cup is a gift and I didn't want to take any chances to let the cup out of the bag!

The background has coffee commodity charts in there. The letters KC is the coffee symbol and the H is for March, so this is really a 2003 March Coffee symbol. TMI, right? Although with all the coffee cup paintings I've done, maybe it is number 103! You know, I think it is, how fun it that!

Have a great coffee day.



Angela Sullivan said...

Janet, They just keep getting better and better.

martinealison said...

Des couleurs explosives, vivifiantes et très caféinées comme j'aime !
Une merveilleuse tasse.
Je pense que vous êtes bonne à marier ! (sourire, bien sûr) vous possédez des services à café incroyables !
Gros bisous

hmuxo said...

Beautiful work, Janet!! I love the rich colors in your work!!!

myra anderson said...

hey jm! this is a great painting! i just love the colors! i got your on-line message! i don't have that phone number anymore! we were trying an internet phone system -but it doesn't work for us! we are working on the problem! but i was thinking about you and all the stultz (sp) people too! i figured you must be taking some more classes! i will get in touch with you soon - in the meantime - what project are you working on?

Lisa Graham said...

Oh my goodness! You are the coffee cup painter magic maker. I love this #103. Whimsy!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

so darn cool and YES I remember you :D