Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Video about the Indianapolis Piano Project

Click on this photo to see the video.
Just thought this was a great video explaining the "Go Ahead & Play" project and it shows many of the pianos being played.

The piano's have been relocated to their new homes and the Women's Fund of Central Indiana has some of the stories on their facebook page. Go Ahead & Check it Out.



Last Cup Of Coffee said...

jm this is SOOOOOOO cool! the person playing your piano can really tickle those ivories!

Lisa Graham Art said...

Sooooooooo awesome Janettmarie!!! The lady playing your piano can play? Question, they just leave all the pianos outside? What about rain? Snow?

Your piano looks so beautiful against that city building. What a special thing you did.

hmuxo said...

What a treat seeing that person playing on your piano!!! This was such a unique project and I only regret not being able to see it in person!!! You did an amazing job with it, Janett..Congratulations!!!

Joan of LLD and ART is A Rhapsody Treasure said...

Just found your blog via Leslie Saeta's 30 in 30.

Your Piano Art is BEAUTIFUL. Love it. I also took a quick peek at some of your paintings and love them too.

Good luck with the 30 in 30.

(I signed up as well...even though I am an "art newbie!".

P.S. I am now one of your newest followers. Hope you will follow me back.

Page Railsback said...

Very cool. I am going to sign up for the next 30/30 also

JanettMarie said...

Hi Lisa,
Yes, they did leave the pianos outside, but each piano had a "Piano Buddy" that would put a specially made tarp on the pianos at night and when it rained. Pretty cool. They have all found their way to their permanent homes. The pianos where out for 18 days (August 1-18). Now the city is quiet again. : (

Angela Sullivan said...

Oh Janet. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Graham Art said...

Aw, I thought they were there to stay!