Saturday, August 3, 2013

Piano "Flash Mob"

Click on the photo below to see some "Heart and Soul"
JanettMarie at her transformed piano.
The Go Ahead & Play students gathered around "Out Loud in the City" with Indianapolis' Channel 8's David Barras.

Here is the link to the Women's Fund Facebook page for all of the latest with the piano's around Indy.

Have a great day.



Lisa Graham said...

Fantabuloso! Both the piano and the artist!

Connie Nobbe said...

Your piano is gorgeous!! Love how it turned out!

Angela Sullivan said...

Janet, That piano is the most exciting wonderful thing I have ever seen.I love just looking at it over and over again. Makes me smile.

hmuxo said...

OMGosh, Janett! It's finished beautifully!!

Prairie Jill said...

What a wonderful project. I love the way your piano turned out. Wish I still lived in Indy so I could go and visit all the pianos!