Friday, September 11, 2015

Number 6 - As Myra would say.....

"Put Some Liquor In It"   mixed media on paper   9" by 8"
Yes, as Myra told me earlier, "Put Some Liquor In It"!

I want to thank Myra, Martine and Jarrod for stopping by with your comments. They really are helpful and keep me on task. Who knew?

Today driving to the studio I was wondering to myself, "What are some of the reasons people drink?" Then I saw a poor kitty that had been hit by a car and thought... that could make someone want to drink, loosing their kitty... but then people drink to celebrate things too, like having a new grand baby... right?

Have a great weekend!

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myra anderson said...

so pretty! again...really loving the abstract vibe...maybe that's where I'm getting it from! How about a small drink for a job well done? Yeah! that's the ticket!!!