Friday, May 21, 2010

"Closed Again"

Closed again. This morning at 9:30 I took a look at this little flower and it had not opened. I was sad. I thought, oh she's not going to open back up, she didn't like being moved from her home.

I started distracting myself with the other parts of my day. Just before lunchtime, about 11:30, there she is, 3/4's of the way open! Yea!
Well, she's being her beautiful self all day and her I go along working on other things. About 5:30PM there she goes! She's closing up again! I panic and just start painting her before she closes shop all of the way. Oh, what a day. I'm not going to see her tomorrow or Sunday, I hope she sticks around for Monday.

Maybe I should paint a rock, it should stay put until I get 'round to it!

Have a great weekend!
I really did have fun on Friday, I hope you did too!


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