Monday, May 10, 2010

"Soo Many Olives!" finished -Sold

Here it is, this itty bitty of olives is finished. Just needed an itty bit more time to finish it... and a clear mind.

Carolyn, a friend of mine, asked today about the painting I did with the safflower oil. Remember that one?
Well, it took a good week to dry, I think I was able to give a final finish coat just before the open house on Friday, April 23rd. Currently, the painting, "Harry's Rockview", is still wet from last week. I had forgotten that I used my typical linseed oil, stand and turp mix for that one, so it is taking longer to dry. Maybe I should do a few more paintings with the safflower oil to get a better feel for that medium. The Artist's Handbook didn't have a lot of data for the safflower oil, it didn't say anything bad about it and well, the edition I read is kind of old, copyright 1957. I have newer edition, somewhere, when I find it, I'll check it out again.

More tomorrow!



Bonnie Heather said...

Thanks for your update on the oil. I was wondering how it turned out. Olives are cool!

Bobbi Heath said...

Love these olives! It's nice to see the difference between the finished olives and the first pass. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

so did you mix the safflower oil with anything else?
Love these olives, again!!