Friday, June 4, 2010

"Yes, it's Friday!" -Sold

Yup, it's Friday.... time for the martini, time for the wine, time for the cold beer after cutting the lawn, mmm. How about a lemonade, hmm, now there's an alternative. Ice water anyone?

This is the first of ten, yes ten, itty bitty martini's. Believe it or not they are all started, I'll just have to finish them one-by-one.

I tried not to be too critical of this one. Trying to go back to that idea, you know, the one I started for the "New Year", painting from the heart... I've had little reminders lately. An artist friend of mine talked about painting .. basically.. "from the gut". I've heard other descriptions, painting from your solar plexus, getting out of your own way... on and on... hey! it's just easier to get in the way, one has more excuses that way!

Have a great weekend!!


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