Monday, October 25, 2010

"Apple 34-Breaking Away"

Remember the rules? Yes, the rules, do this, don't do that.... This painting, I broke a rule without thinking about it and I'm like, what just happened. Oh, I broke a rule. The directions are to wait until the paint is dry, but why? Well, it has this melting affect on the paint, or maybe it was something else, "applied too heavily". Regardless, it was cool, so much I had to try it again on Apple # 35, which I'll show you tomorrow.... when it's dry enough to photograph, it's drippy right now....

1. Don't break the rules.
2. Okay, break the rules.
3. Who said breaking the rules is bad?
4. Breaking the rules isn't always bad.
5. Who made the rules?
6. It got the job done.




leigh dunnington-jones said...

wonderful breaking the rules apple!!!

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

i love the colors! i think the apple looks three dimentional. (how do you spell that?) anyway when it comes to art YOU make the rules!

Bonnie Heather said...

I like it. I look forward to more rule broken.