Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Cute Little Pair"

Ahh, it was a beautiful day in Indianapolis today, and I got to enjoy it with three of my golf buddies. We had a great time. Yes, I did it, I played golf instead of painting today, but I have this one for you!

A couple of pears I did last Friday and added the finishing touches yesterday. They turned out fine even though I've been doing these paintings from my head, you know like "free form" no models present.

I think I need to get a couple of pears and set them up to get another look at the light, their shapes and all, to keep me on track! It is fun to just go after it though. To just paint, no fear, just paint! No fear! No rules, well not too many... some rules are just ingrained, like playing golf, if your buddies say "it's good" pick it up!!

Life is good!


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Last Cup Of Coffee said...

I love these colors! This paintings looks like 'a beautiful day in indianapolis' in the form of pears!