Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Prayer" -Sold

We all need someone to pray for us every once in a while, or more!  
The "prayer" in this painting is praying for the whole world. With all of the unrest in many parts, sincere prayer is needed.



Vickie said...

Wow! Janett!!
This is terrific ;) There is so much one can see in this and I love the colors also ;)

Jane said...

This is absolutely beautiful Janett! I can see why it is already sold!

if degas had a blog said...

what a beautiful and sincere painting! the colors are vibrant and outstanding!

JanettMarie said...

Thanks for the input all! I'm glad the colors work!

Connie Nobbe said...

This painting really touches my heart!

JanettMarie said...

Thanks Connie!
And thanks for Wine&Canvas, I've done two events so far and I love it! Thank you!