Thursday, March 31, 2011

"82 Whew!"

6"x6" aquamedia on paper mounted on panel
Eighty-two Whew! for sure... working today on all kind of projects not getting any painting done... I decide okay go... paint number..81. I finished this painting, I have a title "81 Now We're Having Fun", I scan the painting, I'm ready to post and.... I've already posted number 81... "ApplePear". Here is 82 Whew! before I changed the number from "81" to "82"....
Can it be... too many apples? Or am I just not paying attention? Hmmm... maybe I'm having too much fun!

Interesting.... okay, keep going only 18 more... maybe I could substitute pears for the last batch of apples, I have 18 pears finished....  oh, no, that wouldn't be right....

Apples, ya gotta love 'em!


1 comment:

Connie said...

Love the touch of blue at the bottom, the letters in the background - wonderful!