Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Good to the Last Drop"

6" x 8" mixed media on paper mounted on canvas
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Remember that red cup? It is like two blog posts ago, well, here it is and it is one tough cup painting.
It has been through the ink wash, more paint, pastels and I'm not really sure of all the materials. I know I've used steel wool at one point to remove some stuff I didn't like and isopropyl alcohol to remove stuff too! Yes, the red cup has even been through a name change... "Good to the Last Drop".

Whew, hope I can handle another cup painting! I hope you can too!



Educational Resources said...

The painting is very good!!!

Itaya Art said...

Love it! I think it was worth all your effort as now it is so lovely. Love the distressed look. It all works so well together! Great job. :)

JanettMarie said...

Thank you so much!
Off to paint another!

Angela Sullivan said...

Well I like the name and the bright colors with the black accents which make it pop. Wasnt that a Maxwell House Coffee commerical? It is good to the last drop as is your painting.

myra anderson said...

what an adventure! i saw your bio on the daily paintworks site . . . you are like totally awesome girl!!!!