Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Cathedral Mug"

8"x6" mixed media on paper mounted on canvas
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My artist buddy Martha observed that most of the coffee cups I've painted so far have been coffee mugs!
Guess that is because I tend to drink my coffee out of a mug? Watch out you coffee mugs, some cups will be coming on the scene!

This little painting has a few acrylic "skins" on it. Playing with those skins again. Speaking of skins, if you have a minute, check out the project that some of the lady artists (me included) from the Stutz have been putting together!

and Leigh's famous now she was on TV! Her interview on WISH-TV. 

Oh my goodness, what will we do next?!



Last Cup Of Coffee said...

hey!!! that was a very nice interview . . . leigh looks so cute! love the way your painting was featured on the table . . .fantastic 'mug' can't wait to see more!

leigh said...

thanks myra! can we send you a calendar?!? jMgreat mug! i worship at the cathedral of coffee, myself!

JanettMarie said...

Hey, there is a picture of a cup of coffee right next to Last Cup Of Coffee! Hmmm.... coffee for thought!

Angela said...

I say a mug is better than a whimpy cup.....

Angela said...

Hi Janet just looking. Have a great day.