Friday, October 21, 2011

"Small World" -Sold

8"x6" oil on canvas panel
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Do I laugh or do I cry? Well, I laughed, a little. Today working on this painting for Myra, I was trying to put the paint down thicker than the last few oils I've done lately. I've been reading the book "Alla Prima" that Richard  Schmid wrote, and he says that you should try to put the paint on the canvas without making any noise with the brush. That was easy, but he also talks about not letting the texture of the canvas show through. So I have this painting with really thick oil paint on it and I'm getting ready to photograph it. I dropped it face down into my hands... oops and yuck, you should have seen my hands!

I photographed it anyway, I can see where it hit my hands, maybe it helped.

Martha was on her way out and I caught her in time to share my story. She didn't mind the smudges too much and was drawn to the cup right away, "Oh, it's my cup!" Thanks Martha, I have several of your cups and I need to get them back to you.... maybe one at a time will be okay. Heck, she even lent me another cup earlier today!

One thing that did bother Martha was the dark shadow behind the baby sunflower.... she also made a point that if it bothered me too much (the shadow and the smudges) I can always go back into it!

The blue marble on the bottom right, ....that is the small world.

Myra, sorry I dropped your painting, I guess I'll have to just paint another!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone....   : )



fine art in artful jewelry said...

irecognize this little cup! and the fingerprint just gives it character!

myra anderson said...

it looks fine to me!!!!! it's a beauty! one time I painted the best painting I ever painted in my life - and then I dropped it and I couldn't remember what it looked like! as for the brush - mine are always 'screaming' and look like they have been to a war. His brushes wouldn't dare make a sound! just call the painting 'the dropped painting of janettmarie'!

JanettMarie said...

Thanks my friends. Maybe if I drop paintings more often... or maybe not.... : )